Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Arena Report: NEW West Memphis, AR 4.01.11

----Arena Report from Friday.

Matthews turning over Stegall

Wayne vs Tatt2
----Austin Lane beat Wild Bill.  Nothing real wrong with this bout.  Bill just seems out of place at NEW.  Dark match, so did not expect much.  Lane should have pinned Bill after the second neckbreaker. [**]

----Interview segment with Lane and Moe Stegall.  Stegall was funny here, when ask “Where did you get that button?” [he was wearing a Lane button and wanted to be his partner] Moe said, “” LOL  Ended flat with Dan Matthews coming out and trying to get Stegall to not team with Lane.

----Dan Matthews/Wild Bill beat Moe Stegall/Austin Lane.  Solid bout.  Wild Bill had a pretty dropkick.  Great storytelling with Stegall/Lane.  Stegall used the “crippler-cross face.” Matthews looked good here.  Hot tag was good.  Stegall ended up getting pinned.  Lane got mad and closlined him after the match.  Matthews made the save. [**3/4]

----Interview segment with “Big Rig” Cody Murdoch and Kid Nikels challenging each other ended up with them pushing each other.  Refs Tom Simon and William Gibson got in between them, which was not believable considering the size of these two guys.

----Tatt2 beat in Eric Wayne in the best match on the show.  Not only was this the match of the night, but the best match so far of the year.  This was as close to the style of NEW when it first started with back & forth and stiffness.  "Mark out" moments from such stiff kicks from both guys.  Tatt2 has improved so much in actually trying to tell a story instead of just spots.  William Gibson was real good here putting over the stiffness.  Finish had Tatt2 go all the way across the ring with a 450 for the pin and a busted nose. [***1/2]

----"Big Rig" Cody Murdoch beat Kid Nikels in the main event. Match started in the dressing room with them brawling.  In the ring, it was not as good as I wanted it to be.  Murdoch blew up and it kind of fell apart.  Good surprising finish though with Kid losing.  Cody needs work on cardio and get some new tights – they kept coming down.  Kid going for a chokeslam here was not believable to me.  Could he honestly get the “Big Rig” up??  [**]


----21+ in the crowd…Wild Bill does not come off totally horrible at shows like ASWF, but when NEW first got started, they would have never used him. …Lane does not make a good heel.  He is a much better babyface… Terrance Ward announced solo and did a great job putting over Yearbook 2010.  Thanks T-Bone!!...Both refs here are top notch – Tom Simon and William Gibson.  Good to see Gibson back…I want to see a 30 minute Tatt2/Wayne bout.  These guys got like 12 minutes and shined.  That bout could have been a WWE TV bout.  It might have easily got a better ratings if it had been longer, but this bout was heads above everything I have seen so far this year…Murdoch is a guilty pleasure for me. Not a great worker, but at the verge of being solid.  As I said, needs to work on cardio and just basics.  He has been off for a while and a bit rusty.  Just might want to get some more ring time…Good wrestling.  Great wrestling at times.  No crowd though.  I hate it for the boys.  You got to advertise!!...Thanks to cast and crew.  Fun time was had by all!!

Photos by Melanie Hall