Sunday, April 17, 2011

QUICK RESULTS: FTW Newbern, TN 4.16.11

----Quick Results from last night.  Arena Report will be posted later this week.

----Close to 130+ in the building.

-"The Main Factor " Robert Devine by DQ over "The Platinum Prince" DeAnte Chrome 

-Ricky Andrews by DQ over Kyatia when Mad Money Mike threw fire

-Robert Devine/Mark Justice/Sarge O'Riley beat Dazzlin Dixie/DeAnte Chrome/Drive-By

-Jason Reed/Anton LeVeigh beat Syn/DJ Stunner Jason the "Brain" in the best bout of the night and book tour!!

-Brandon Barbwire beat Lil Bit, which ended with a hot angle involving Jennifer Justice, Auburn Thunder, Destiny and Lady Vixen.