Tuesday, April 19, 2011

RassleResults: AAPW West Frankfort, IL 4.16.11

----Results from Saturday night.

"The Main Attraction" KC Jackson defeated Maxx Corbin
Maxx used his definite size advantage all through the contest but took KC too lightly in the closing moments when KC used an inside cradle to pick up the victory.

Shane Rich said that the company and everyone else was out to get him and that is the reason he isn't still AAPW Heavyweight Champion. Announcer informed Shane that "The Powers to be" thought his use of force on a referee last time is going to cost him. His automatic rematch has been revoked and he must prove himself all over again against this man..... The Mississippi Madman comes out!

Shane Rich defeated The Mississippi Madman by Count Out.

After the match Shane hit Madman with a steel chair in the back but all it did was anger the 400 pounder! Shane quickly retreated to the back.

Pokerface defeated Jay Spade

When Pokerface say his opponent for the first time, he told the crowd that he only fights "MEN" indicating that Jay was mere boy but when Jay stated that he would knock that chip off Pokerface's shoulder then Pokerface decided to try and teach young Jay a lesson. Jay Spade put up a great effort but in the end it was a Ghetto Blaster to the face and Pokerface's patented hammerlock submission that gave Jay no choice but to tap out. Pokerface, as has been his M.O., attacked Jay after the match as well. I'm sure AAPW is going to address this issue.

"The Golden Boy" Greg Anthony defeated El Magnifico in a Sombraro vs Mask Match

Last time a poor loser and bitter Greg Anthony stole El Magnifico's sombraro which turned out to be Magnifico's late Grandfather's. Magnifico vowed revenge. The Golden Boy would use a foreign object to extract a 1,2,3. Golden Boy taunted Magnifico to unmask and reveal himself in the middle of the ring. When he finally did... Magnifico had a 2nd mask on! Golden Boy was once again foiled by the great luchador.

Heath Hatton/Curley defeated Ax & "Playboy" Paul Rose to win the AAPW Tag Team Championships.

Ax's actually tag team partner Steven Davis is sidelined with a serious neck injury and may never return but Ax and his manager found a very suitable replacement in Paul Rose but in the end it wasn't enough to withstand the fan favorites and now new AAPW tag team champions!