Friday, April 15, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Little Rock, AR 4.14.11 - Less Than 60 Fans!?!

----Results from last night.

----I have been told from 30 to 60 fans in the building. 
-Wild Bill beat Lee Michaels

-Mike Anthony beat Seth Sabor

-Jon Alan beat Kevin White

-Austin Lane beat Cody Murdoch

-Matt Boyce beat Demon X

-Acid beat Chris Styker

-Main Event: Brian Christopher beat Jerry Lawler, when special ref Downtown Bruno turned on Lawler. 

----I was told that they return next week with Booker T???...The Baron Malkavain was backstage, but was not used...Lane went into the taping as champ beating Rik Burton for the belt last Saturday night...Look for Brian Christopher to come in this week for the Anniversary show and a few weeks afterward.  He helped  their attendance go up last year, but not sure he can repeat it.  A big problem with promotions is that they find something that sells tickets and then they run it into the ground until no one cares.