Monday, April 04, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.02.11

----Results from Saturday night.
Match one: Loose Cannon vs. Stretch…. At the beginning of the match Athena Eclipse came to the ring to distract both opponents. Both opponents chained wrestled back and forth.  Quick comeback by Stretch—shoot off—reverse—Athena tripped Stretch thinking it was Cannon, only for Cannon to win the match. This win assures Cannon for a shot for the title next week. If Cannon wins next week Athena has to leave ASWF—if Cannon loses he leaves ASWF. 

Match two: Lee Michaels vs. The Dragon …Lee made short work of the Dragon.  Johnny Harper was not at ringside. What is going on with Lee and Johnny Harper? Winner: Lee Michaels with a quick 3 count.

Match three: Reno Diamond/Blalok the Blazer vs. Mike Anthony/Jon Alan…Mike and Jon hit the ring with tons of fire. Taking the upper hand fast did a double back drop; clothes lined both men over the top rope.  Fast passed solid match until Reno and Blazer’s manager interfered and cost them the match.  Then Reno/Blylock/Antwane Wise proceeded to beat Mike and Jon – Cody Murdock came out to make the save only to get taken down himself. This match got so far out of hand the commissioner came out to restore order in the ring. Jon Alan got on the microphone and said there will be a big surprise next week for these guys.

Match four: CCR vs. Hambones…CCR is always the crowd favorite vs the more experienced Hambones.  CCR had their hands full with the Hambones. The Hambones uses every trick in the book but CCR was victorious.  This match was followed by intermission. 

Match five: Kevin White vs. Austin Lane…Fast paced solid match. Austin Lane interacts heavily with the crowd.  Kevin and Austin take their action outside the ring.  Kevin takes the announcers water bottle and hits Austin in the head with the bottle.  This gives Kevin plenty of time to get Austin positioned to ram Austin’s head into the stairs. Crowd behind Austin throughout the match.  Loose Cannon goes out during the match to help Austin Lane win the match. This makes Austin and Cannon opponents against Rik Burton next week for the Heavy weight title.

Match six: (Semi-Main Event) Halo/Sancho vs Hot Rod and Johnny Hawk. Hot Rod lays punches into Halo.  Hot Rod stays on Halo showing him a “warm welcome” to ASWF.  Johnny Hawk works Halo’s arm all throughout the match.  Halo hot tags in Sancho for Sancho to get the best of Hawk for only as minute until comes back and shows Sancho a few things.  Hawk chokes Sancho in the corner while Halo distracts the referee.  Harper interferes in the match to enable the Hot Rod to super kick Halo. Hot Rod gets the pin.

Match seven: (Main Event) Cody Murdoch vs Antwane Wise…Antwane starts the match out with a quick prayer. Reno/Blazer are at ringside trying to distract Murdoch. Solid match. Antwane dominates Murdoch throughout the match.  Power slam by Antwane then moon salt for Murdock to move. Murdock calls for the Flat bed. Reno/Blazer interferes causing Murdoch to win by disqualification. Mike Anthony/Jon Alan came out to save Murdoch. Six man tag match set up for next week.