Sunday, April 17, 2011

RassleResults: ASWF Tuckerman, AR 4.16.11

----Results from last night in Tuckerman.

Hambones vs Stretch and Pimptactular
Not only did The Hambones win but they were in control of the match from bell to bell.  Pimptacular tried to retaliate on the Hambones, but felt the wrath of a Hambone Bone shot.
2 out of 3 falls X Title
Lee Michaels vs Seth Sabor
The match started with Lee and Seth going back and forth.  Seth wins first fall when Lee comes off the top rope with a Cross Body and Seth rolled through for a three count.  The second fall goes to Lee when the commishoner Enforcer hit Seth with the stick that he keeps by his side.  ASWF Owner David Walls came out and fired Enforcer for his involvement.  Enforcer then announces that Lee has already hired him on as his manager.  Seth wins last fall when Lee jumps off top rope and Seth catches him in air with Light Sabor to become ASWF X Champion.
Rik Burton vs Kevin White
The match was back and forth until Rik Burton got the upper hand.  When Rik started taking over Kevin left the ring and went to the back to be counted out, as Burton chased White off.
Tri State Vs. ASWF Tag Team Championship
In an Unification Match for both sets of Tag Team Championships, ASWF Tag Team Champions Johnny Hawk & Hot Rod fought Tri State Tag Team Champions C.C.R. all over the arena as the Valiant Arena was barely able to contain the heated rivals.  In the end, the Crazed Country Rebels defeated Hawk & Hot Rod the combine the titles.
In the ASWF Championship, Grandmaster Sexay Brian Christopher survived a furious attack by ASWF Champion Austin Lane .  Finally Brian Christopher defeated Lane after pulling the tights and using the ropes for leverage..
In the Main Event Six Man Tag Team Grudge Match, the team of Jon Alan, Mike Anthony, & Cody Murdoch defeated The Wise Church(Carnage Antwon, Reno Diamond, & Blalok Tha Blazer) after Jon Alan pinned Blalok Tha Blazer.