Monday, April 11, 2011

RassleResults: Elite Olive Branch, MS 4.09.11

----Elite looks to have run their first and last show Saturday night.

- Announcers: Scotty Choice and Rodney Howard

Match #1: The Crime def. Suicide /w Jai Webster

Match #2: "DC" David Cross/"Xtreme" Brett Michaels def. The Pink Flamingos (Brian So Fine and Brody Hawk)

Scotty Choice was inviting the two coaches of Olive Branch High School to the ring when New South Fight Club came out. They had the coaches come in and accused them of being Soultaker's mystery team. They tell them that they are not the team. Anton Leveigh and Chris Styles attacked NSFC, but the numbers game caught up with them until Soultaker came out and sent NSFC running.


Match #3: Blazing Star def. Jai Webster

Match #4: "Natural" Josh Matthews/Marcus O'Neil /w Anita Page def. BLS (Shawn Reed/AJ Bradly) w/ Michael "BT" Ward

Match #5: "PKO" Pokerface def. Drew Donavan

Match #6: "WWE Hall of Famer" KoKo B Ware def. "Bad Attitude" Tony Dabbs /w Gene Jackson


Match #7: Soultaker, Anton Leveigh, and Chris Styles def. New South Fight Club (Izzy Rotten, David Andrews, and Nick Grymes) in a "3 Stages of Doom" Match. First fall was standard 6 man, won by Taker's team, second fall was a fan's strap match, won by NSFC, and the third was a Street Fight, won by Soultaker powerbombing Izzy Rotten into 1000 plus thumbtacks.

Notes from the show:
Approx 50 in the crowd

----WNC posted this [CLICK HERE] about the event.  And I have heard tons of things bad about the event.