Tuesday, April 05, 2011

RassleResults: FTW Newbern, TN 4.02.11

----Results from Saturday night.

-Semi-Finals of the Tag Team Tourney:  “The GA Boys” [Shannon Lee/Gaylon Ray] beat “SOBs” [Dirty and Kid].  Mark Justice came out to be ringside with his partners and Tommy Redneck managed the GA boys. Redneck interfered in the end to help GA to win.

-2cnd Match: Fans Strap Match: Ricky Andrews with a bulldog off the top rope for the win over Kyatia.

-3rd Match: Semi-finals tourney match: Syn/Stunner beat “Metal Brothers” [Jai Webster/Suicide].  High flying match.  12 minute match with the crowd on their feet.  The finish had Webster offer his Mario coins to Stunner, but Stunner kicked them.  As Webster/Jai ran around collecting their coins, Stunner/Syn hit a double school boy for the win.

-4th Match: “GA Boys” beat Syn/Stunner to be the first FTW Tag Team Champions.  Ray/Lee came out as soon as the last match was over and started the bout.  They pretty much squashed them until a hot tag.  Syn/Stunner missed a double missile dropkick and both got pinned with their feet on the ropes.   Commish Billy Rush said he would take a look at the film. 

-5th Match: Robert “The Main Factory” Devine vs Motley Cruz in no contest.  Crowd got into Devine.  Cruz went to use his shank and ended up hitting the ref and the ref juiced.  Devine keeping getting advantage of Cruz, but then Cruz went after the ref again.  Billy Rush fired Cruz from FTW.

-Main Event: Dixie beat Running Wolf defending his FTW and winning the OWC title. Mad Money Mike used a crowbar on Wolf to help Dixie to win.


----118 paid with 122 in the building.  Crowd continued to drop a bit this week by 16% from last week…They sold 30 straps in the strap match for the fans to use on Kyatia…The “Metal Brothers” stuff sounds cheesy, but funny as hell.  I really want to see these guys in action…”Swagger Boys” [Biscuit/JWeezy] bumped the new champs and challenged them  for next week…Not sure what the OWC Title is??...Next week has a Battle Royal for the Xtreme Title with Tatt2, Brandon Barbwire and the Killer Clown…Also they have Smooth coming and Sarge returns to wrestling after 2 weeks…Oh me!!   They have not been in operation for two months and they are going to have 4 titles in existence. [including the OWC title]  I am not sure why every promotion seems to have to put a belt on half the crew.  A set of tag champs and ONE single champion makes the belts MORE important. If half the crew walks out with a belt, then they mean nothing.