Sunday, April 10, 2011

RassleResults: MCW Osceola, AR 2.25.11

----Results from Friday night.

1st match - Cruiserweight Champion Chris Steele vs 1/2 of the LA Hustlers Roughshot Lamonte Potts !!! Good opening match with both guys about the same size !!! Chris Steele was about to finish off Potts when out runs the other half of the Hustlers !!! Stretch makes the save to make the second match !! Your winner Chris Steele !!

2nd match - Stretch vs The Notorious Bradley Diggs !! High flying match with action all over the building !!! Moonsaults & power slams galore !! Stretch about to win out runs Potts to beat up Stretch !!! Chris Steele makes the save !! Good match !! Winner by DQ Stretch !!!
3rd match - Ray & Chris Steele vs The Hambone Express !!! Hambone Express clobber Ray with the bone for the cheap win !! Your winners Hambones !!!
4th match - Heavyweight Champion Frankie Tucker vs Lonestar !!! These guys were throwing some heavy chops back & forth !!! Neither wrestler was giving in !! Lonestar has Tucker about ready to run when Tucker runs into the ref knocking him down !!! Tucker turns around to walk into a sit-down slam from Lonestar !!! No ref to count so Star counts !!! Ref gets up to say Lonestar wins by DQ but the belt cannot change hands !! Winner by DQ Lonestar !!
5th match - Tag Champions East Coast Bad Boyz vs Mr Pimptacular & Pokerface !!! Great match bell to bell !! Back & forth they go when Pimp nails Spyro with the belt for what seemed to be the win , but when the ref started counting saw the belt laying beside them !! He restarted the match !! Quick rollup for East Coast !! Big pop and your winners & still champions East Coast Bad Boyz !!! For the fans in Mississippi County and surrounding area you're missing some great wrestling action every Friday night in Osceola,Ar !! You never know who will show up next !!