Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Straight Flush "This and That" by Pokerface

----PKO joins us with a new edition of The Straight Flush.

This and That

I hope my "Roll Call" last time was an enjoyable read. Some names were left out because I hadn't seen certain people's work, I forgot, or simply didn't care.  Again, WRESTLERS, we have to set an example. You would be amazed at how we as wrestlers are perceived by the fans. They look at how dress in the ring, how we dress when we we arrive, and so on. Now I'm not saying that we have to arrive to a show wearing a tuxedo. But you can make even the simplest attire look very acceptable with the use of an iron and maybe some starch and acceptable shoes. I'm a jeans and t-shirt kind of guy. More times than not, I arrive at the show wearing either a POKERFACE or nXn shirt on. Call it cheap promoting, but some is better than none.

Now for ring gear. I think some guys are starting to get it now. Even though alot of guys gear doesn't coincide with their gimmick, that is if they have one, at least I've seen an effort. Helpful hint, guys highspots always have in stock gear.  Can you say save $5 - $10 month ? You can buy gear right in the dressing room. The first pair of boots that I bought I bought from Chris Rocker for $50. Even if you can only afford just one pair of tights or trunks. That's better than nothing at all. We shouldn't wrestle in shit that the fans can buy at Wal-Mart, excluding kneepads. Fans can tell who put effort into their work and look.

If your envelope isn't looking like it should at the end of the night, sell merchandise. It doesn't have to be fancy. If nothing else sell pictures. Don't have a camera, disposable camera are like $6. You gotta start somewhere. If your merchandise ain't selling and the boss won't give you a raise, wrestle somewhere else.

From what I gather, attendance in the area is up. I would like to say it's probably because the shows have been getting better, but it's probably because this time of year, people ain't got shit else going on. Hey, I'm just a realist.

Random thought. I was happy that DCW ran a great show back in February, and happy to say I was part of it. Over 500 fans in attendance, and it wasn't even a free show. lol. I was glad to see my family again.

I hear a rumor that somebody is gonna start up wrestling again in Memphis. Let me get my Pepto out for this one. I guess these motherfuckers are gonna keep trying til they get it right.  Again, just trying to be a realist.

Back to the gear again. I go to countless shows where guys have weed, alcohol, and etc...but still have no gear. Ass backwards. I may have a sip or two or three or four or five of alcohol, but I have gear, merchandise, etc. My priorites are in order.

Blind leading the blind. Why the fuck are guys who don't need to train people, still training people? Isn't one death because of some missing chromosome, two left feet having, get blowed up walking to the ring motherfucker enough? I'm just saying. Hopefully I have offended someone or someones. Until next time, God Bless, and keep you pimp hand strong.