Sunday, April 17, 2011

Wayne's World "The Business IS Good" by Eric Wayne

----New Wayne's World.

With all the negative press we read everyday about how bad the business has become, I thought I'd bring up a few things that are actually positive and make me WANT to wrestle these days.

From things like "Memphis Heat" to wrestling returns and whatever else I can think of while I write...there actually are a number of things to be happy about when it comes to this business. I loved the documentary and even non-wrestling fans came up to me and told me how much they enjoyed it. It's hard to believe how far wrestling has fallen since then. You can blame what you want but I'd much rather watch "Memphis Heat" and daydream about wrestling in that time. Thank you to everyone who helped with that movie and to the men that built a business that I couldn't live without. Most of the guys today don't appreciate the hard work that was put in before them unfortunately but there are some of us that thank you every time we step in the ring.

A famous motto in wrestling is "never say never" and it's held true time and time again. This time I'm talking about the INKcredible Tatt2. A guy that was once despised for simply being a spot monkey has turned into a very well rounded wrestler. I guess it all comes with maturity because not too long ago we were all reading his rant on NEW. But now the same man is back in the same company and not only is he back, he's tearing down the house every chance he gets. When I started visiting NEW again I knew I'd end up wrestling at least one match there this year. Little did I know my return would be against one of my favorite opponents... Tatt2! I've NEVER been kicked as hard as we kicked each other that night and I loved it. We both stepped up that night and I hope Tatt2 is reading this...don't stop. I'm not slowing down and neither should you or anyone else trying to make this crazy dream come true.

Speaking of not slowing down, yet another one of my favorites has started back wrestling. I found out myself that sometimes it takes giving yourself a break to rekindle that fire we all start with and Dustin Ring is burning again. The Baron or whatever you want to call him has come back to the company that helped him prove he was more than just a gimmick. Everyone that loved the vampire doesn't seem to feel the same way about him in NEW but he thrives on the style in that ring. Dustin went from an underrated average wrestler to an excellent technician in every sense of the word. After taking a hiatus from wrestling I was lucky enough to get him on a benefit show this past summer aaaaand that was it. Until recently when I talked to him and could tell that he missed the business. It's amazing that most of the talented local wrestlers give up from time to time while the puke that ruins this business never take a break! Thankfully Dustin has come back and missed wrestling enough to want to try harder now than ever before.

It's little things like watching a movie or seeing old friends with a new energy that make me proud to call myself a wrestler. Knowing there are more guys in this sport that I can have respect for and actually trust in the ring makes it so much easier to have fun. We all know that eventually we wont be able to perform, even Greg Anthony will retire one day. But for now it's nice to know that there are more and more bright spots in a very dark business.