Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dan Matthews Talks RRO

----From Dan Matthews!!  Thanks Dan!!
I am what you would call a late bloomer in this business.  I started training at the ripe old age of 30 and what a start I had.  I trained for close to 7 months before I ever got into the ring in front of people and RRO was there for my debut as was the Memphis Flyer who was doing a story on the wrestling school.  I always laughed at BT's comments about what needed improvement.  "Dan needs a tan",  "Dan has no charisma but it works for him", I kept waiting for what the next results might bring from the last show he attended.  It brought a smile to my face that I made someone pay so much attention to me he wanted me to succeed and be better at what I was doing.
Fast forward a few years later, I win the US Jr. Heavyweight Championship the first undergrad to do so at the school and RRO is there to cover it, a few months later I win the RRO rookie of the year award.  I want to say without a shadow of a doubt these first few years of my career have been covered so well by RRO I am sad to see it go away.  It was actually how I kept tabs on all of the friends I now have in the wrestling business.  Scanning results for names that I knew and giving them an "attaboy" in my head on getting booked somewhere.  It also helped me keep up with all the drama behind the scenes as well.  
BT You have done a great service for all of us by running this website.  We all understand at some point you have to hang it up and go home.  I hope you succeed in everything else as much as you have succeeded in putting this website together and running it for the past 5 years.  I don't think anyone can argue it has made a difference in this area as far as the indy wrestling scene goes.  RRO was there for my debut and sadly it will not be there for my graduation.  Hopefully BT will be there.  YOU ARE INVITED!  But seriously thanks for putting up with all the countless hours of non appreciated work, non reimbursed driving, and whiney wrestlers.  Also, thanks for helping get our names out there BT it truly was an honor to be the last rookie of the year for the site I will cherish it greatly.
Thanks "Dangerous" Dan Matthews