Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Downtown Bruno Talks RRO!

----Downtown Bruno talks RRO.  Thanks Bruno!
Hello everybody, and sadly goodbye to RRO.  It's been a lot of fun and quite illuminating being involved with RRO in general and Brian Tramel in particular over the past several years. I'm proud to have been part of RRO and even prouder to have become friends with Brian Tramel as well.  
I'm proud to have won referee of the year for 2 straight years in RRO poll. I'm proud to have been a columnist and the NEW results guy for RRO basically since NEW began. I'm glad that RRO has always been a big supporter of NEW all our efforts in West Memphis and beyond. I'm sorry to lose such a big help to our efforts. I hope Brian does well in his"future endeavours" that he has assigned himself (a rare feat). I hope he stays in touch and still pops up at various promotions when his schedule allows.
GOD bless to all and especially BT...good luck to my mama says,it bes that way sometimes.