Monday, May 16, 2011

Eric Wayne talks RRO

----Eric Wayne sent the following.  Thanks Eric!!

I open my Facebook account recently to a message from Brian Tramel and before I'm done reading I feel like I've lost a piece of myself. It might not make much sense but the last five years have been a life altering experience. That goes for my personal and professional life. I've lost loved ones, began a career of triumph and controversy, met so many different personalities, and fell in love. I'm not going into detail about all of it...just what RRO has done for everyone, which is more than we all realize. 

Five years ago I was roughly half way through training for my first pro match. I hated a lot of it, hell it hurt! But then I made a trip to Ripley, TN to then-TLCW and realized how close I was to living my dream. It wasn't long after that I read right here on RRO about TLCW and the things going on there. I was even more impatient to start wrestling in front of people. Then I debuted and it was a bigger deal than I realized. RRO has put our names out there and helped us receive recognition for our hard work. It wasn't long before I realized you have to stay on top of your game because you never know who is watching. Not only has RRO given everyone exposure to a much larger audience, it's motivated least I was motivated by it. I would check every hour almost waiting on the event report of the show I was just on. I couldn't wait to read the review and opinions of everything. I never wanted to read anything negative because I wanted to be the best and I guess for a while I thought I was on my way there. Thats when misfortune would pop in to say hello. 

All of a sudden, I went from the kid to watch to the one who hurts people. It all started with Scott Fury and RRO covered the story. Not many people were there when it happened but thanks to Mr. Bressler and RRO the situation was handled. Fast forward to Greg King, a mistake lands me back in the hot seat. Thanks to RRO a lot, A LOT of people found out about this. The story that broke on this site made it's way to WWE and then-world champion Randy Orton. From the Greg King incident yet another story unfolded. My nervousness and embarrassment led to me making a comment that wasn't intended as it came out. And BT and RRO was there to let everyone know about it! Well, first it was Dustin Starr lying then BT voiced his opinion. I went from a rising star to heartless bastard in one week. I took a lot of advice from people to rebuild my name. Little by little I started to gain what I'd lost which was everyone's approval. RRO was there to help. Without all the event reports putting my work over and the guys I got to wrestle helping me each week, I wouldn't be where I am now.

As the months turned to years, I realized I was getting back to where I was and advancing like I wanted. If it wasn't for the positive reports and being allowed to write columns expressing my feelings on a great sport I don't know where I'd be today. I don't know where any of us would be today. Rasslin Riot Online has been viewed by people in the smallest of towns to WWE executives and agents. The things we do have consequences whether we believe it or not. I had to learn that the hard way. But without RRO I wouldnt have had a chance for so many people to find out who I am, or who any of us are. From the good to the bad, whether it embarrassed us or made us proud...RRO has been here for five years to cover it all. It's a testament to what this business means to some of us. It's not just a HOBBY it's a PASSION. Wrestling will always be a part of who I am and for some of us, its all we have. Keep in mind that even though RRO is gone, there's no need to slow down or get lazy. I've been very critical of this business for as long as I can remember. My opinions are my opinions and I would like to thank everyone for putting up with me at times and helping me too. From Derrick King, Greg Anthony, Alan Steel, Dustin Starr, Austin Lane and especially Brian Tramel and RRO to the various promoters that wanted me, thank you. I've pushed myself harder than I thought possible and achieved more because I craved everyone's approval. I think I've won a few people over and for those that don't approve of me, I'm not going anywhere! Thank you again Brian, RRO and everyone else for making my dream a reality!