Monday, May 16, 2011

The Final CHEAP HEAT at Gene Jackson

So I received a message from BT a few weeks ago that in some ways shocked me and in other ways didn't shock me.  Brian informed that he would be shutting down RRO in May and part of me was really shocked as for five years RRO had been his passion and whether anyone wants to admit it or not, a huge part of the landscape of southern independent wrestling.  A lot of people will write various things about the shutdown of RRO and about Brian in general.  Some people "get it" and appreciate what he's done, while others don't.  I for one do because for just a couple of short weeks last year I tried to step in for him and allow him a "vacation" from the site and I seen first hand the amount of work that goes into it.

You constantly have people emailing you upcoming shows, results, pics, questions, and they want it all done A.S.A.P. as if this were your REAL JOB....but it's not, it's something you do to help promote the business you love.  There's no pay, half the time there's not even a lot of appreciation, at least that you can see or's there....but sometimes you lose sight of it when all you read is criticism and whining from people that you didn't please by either not posting about their show (because you didn't know about it cause no one sent anything in) or because you dare speak your honest opinion about their "rasslin' show".  It's really a thankless job and if you think BT made enough money selling yearbooks and ad space on this site to even account for a 10th of the work that went into this site then you my friend are the biggest "mark" of all.  I lasted about three weeks or so and BT stepped in and took it back over because I just didn't have time at that point to keep things afloat.  

I'm happy for Brian that he has a new passion in his life, one that perhaps is easier to see the results of.....helping people become healthier I'm sure is more gratifying and fulfilling than writing about a wrestling show, or promoting the latest "return of Memphis Wrestling", or Corey Maclin's financial situation.  However, BT can walk away with his held high after reading things like Eric Wayne's latest column, or hearing from the many other guys in the business just what the exposure on this site has meant to them and the pursuit of their "passion".  I know I've certainly been thankful he's provided me a forum to post my columns on wrestling as sporadic as they may have been in recent years.  Cheap Heat Radio was launched here at RRO and has hundreds of downloads each week, with some of the more notable guests receiving into the THOUSANDS of downloads and I have no doubt we'd never had reached the number of potential listeners we did without the exposure from the RRO website.

With that being said this Thursday morning at 9am, I will be hosting a special "Farewell to RRO" edition of Cheap Heat Radio, Brian Tramel will be my guest to discuss his feelings on shutting down RRO and has brought him to this point.  I'd also like for anyone who was a part of RRO either as a writer, a contributor of any sort, or even if your just a long time reader, call into the show on Thursday morning and let Brian know what RRO has meant to you.
Click here to go to the live show on Thursday or to listen afterwards!

As Brian mentioned in his announcement, I will have an announcement on the show that morning about something new I've been working on that will hopefully help fill some of the void left by RRO's departure.  It will not be as all inclusive as RRO but it will be another avenue to promote southern independent wrestling if everyone gets on board.

So make sure you tune in or call in on Thursday and be part of the show as we bid farewell to Rasslin' Riot Online and good luck to BT on his new endeavor.