Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Loose Cannon Talks RRO

----Loose Cannon gives his 2 cents worth.  Thanks Cannon!!

Most have heard by now that! BT is shutting down his site for very last time coming this week! There been allot of touch and go's also agreements and disagreement over the years!
Most know his site talks about results but? It also talks about dirt as well as the other side of wrestling you don't hear! I have watched and read stuff over the years that to say that it shouldn't been up there but? Also thought as well why not! Its there and readable to fans and workers to read! Most know I do a column as well or blog although its never been a main stay on his site! He has put some stuff up there on it!
My blog is nothing special but its read as well as many others! Sure it has there spelling and grammar issues but folks still go there and view it! BT site is an original its keeps the news and informs us of what happen on a personal nature to fellow workers!
Sure we have been ram down the throat by Memphis Wrestling and DK this and that but he also tells the truth and pulls no punches he lets us know who has gone from the business and who has pass on! And tells us why sometimes he says that! And yes even a rare made mistake on the site! He well man's up to it all the time!
Folks please understand he try to give us the information needed and yes he pisses allot folks off but when he comes around them everything is cool! So some stuff has to be right or close to it other wise they would rip him a new hole right?
I have had several disagreements on some of the stories he wrote and wrote a counter on my blog about it but? In all fairness we all think we are right! I have been accuses as many times as he has of running. My mouth but its always been true statements! Even if I talk about somebody I pull no punches and then if I am wrong I man up! Not in a puss or coward way I just do what is right in my heart not for fear or might get my ass beat that's not me or BT is true blue!
 BT has always show me he kinder side and he shown me more different about himself than most have every or well know! He is a kind and generous man who only wants to get the news out sure it makes folks upset but shit its news I really don't think BT means to hurt anybody I am the same I don't  want to hurt nobody! This man has lost allot weight to as well and has a new start in his life a new gal is with him now! And he wants to work on other stuff and I admire him for that!
Again half time I always disagree with him but once you sit down and truly talk to him and see him in his eyes and knows he love this business and want to see others set up and not set down that's a true pal! I thank you BT for not only getting the news out but? Also for pointing out key stuff when most well not theses days! He had 5 years now 5 years of getting out what he could putting over who he could and telling it like it is! That's to me is a true reporter!
BT I commend you for what you have done on the RRO site I commend you for sticking to your guns good or even bad stuff on the site! I commend you for being a talk about son of a gun! I commend you for being just you!  A loving guy to your gal a loving farther and a man who wants whats best for all!
A 10 bell salute to a RRO and a really good guy once you sit down and talk to him you know I am right! BT has left the building opps I mean the Internet world of wrestling good or bad he got my praise and always well be in my mind and heart he is one of the boys and always well be!