Thursday, May 19, 2011

Mark Bravura Talks RRO

----Mark talks about RRO.  Thanks Mark!!

Bittersweet to be sure.
I'm happy for Brian that he's made a decision he felt he needed to be made to devote his time to his family and to other pursuits, but over the years since I left Memphis, RRO has been my link back to the wrestling scene in the town I love. I'm going to miss keeping up with the crazy characters, the constant squabbling, the promotional wars, the big matches, the powerplays, the feuds, the fights, the talent, and all the stuff that makes Memphis great and so much fun. RRO has been a great source and great resource for the area for its entire run. Don't believe just look at how much guys argue over the year end awards.
So long RRO. The Mofo will miss you.