Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Michael Ward Talks RRO

----Michael Ward sent this in.  Thanks Michael!!

Whether or not you always agreed with Brian’s opinions – which I very often didn’t – on certain shows, workers, angles, awards, etc., the one thing you can say is that he has always been a straight-shooter with everything he’s written here. For that, he’s had my respect since day one of the site. Not that it necessarily matters to him, or anything.

I still remember how hideous the site was when it first opened and if you look back at some of that stuff, some of my old photography is even mixed in with results and news from then. That, along with sending in some results back in the site’s early days and suggesting the AJ Bradley Award for most Underrated Worker in the Mid-South should be added to the awards list are my only real contributions to the site over the years, but I’ve always been a regular reader.

I’ve always loved how so many workers around here could let one man’s opinions have such an effect on them. You’d have the guys who would go ballistic if BT had any criticism of them (How dare he, anyway?)  and you’d have the ones who would brag if he said something complimentary. The best were the guys who would hate BT for his criticisms one week and love him the next week for his compliments. Hilarious and it never ceased to amaze me.

BT is to be commended for taking on the workload of a site like this for an area that has always received very little regular coverage. Honestly, he did a lot of promotions’ online work for them since most of the ones around here have refused to invest in good websites over the years or update the ones they have on any type of regular basis. That apathy has extended to event advertising, using quality workers on shows, investing in a good-looking setup and more for shows around here and remains the big problem for almost every promotion in the area, which he has pointed out more than once and I completely agree with. RRO has been a great source of info and will definitely leave a void.

On another note, BT’s going to be my new fitness guru. The guy’s doing something right! Good luck in the future with whatever you do, man and I’ll definitely be in touch for health tips.

Keep your pimp hand strong! (Pokerface stole that line from me. Google it. I’m taking it back.)

- Michael Ward