Wednesday, May 18, 2011

One final Thompson Perspective for RRO

Brian Thompson checks in with what will be the last Thompson Perspective on
It was the guilty pleasure we all enjoyed. Like a late night snack to solve a small appetite, Rasslin Riot was the place to go to get the scoop on wrestling happenings in the Mid-South.

This site has certainly meant a lot to me. It was like a routine. Get up, let the dogs out, read Rasslin Riot and go to work.

I have known Brian Tramel for a little more than 10 years and it is no secret to anyone that he is one of my best friends not just inside the wrestling business, but outside as well. Being several years my junior I often listen to his advice of subjects such as relationships, finances and most importantly of course – professional wrestling.

Brian Tramel has a passion for professional wrestling that is second to none. Don’t let the closure of this site fool you. Brian will always be a wrestling fan and will always have a place in this business. That door will always be open. All he has to do is turn the knob.

It is funny how some will say that Brian’s opinions did not matter. Maybe in the grand scheme of things they didn’t but a whole lot of people would brag when he mentioned the good things about them and be angry if he mentioned some of their shortcomings. Sounds like maybe that opinion did matter.

Brian and Rasslin Riot put a spotlight on this area that had been missing from some time. Sure the national wrestling websites are going to cover anything Jerry Lawler and Memphis Wrestling related, but where else would you hear about EWE or NBW? Where would you hear about NEW? When those names appeared elsewhere it was most likely because it was a story picked up by RRO.

I always enjoyed the friendly, although it didn’t seem that way sometimes, rivalry between RRO and Wrestling News Center. It was fun trying to see one “out scoop” the other. That “feud” is officially over as of the closure of RRO.

Brian Tramel, thank you for providing this area with a solid source of wrestling information. Thank you for showcasing talents that otherwise might not ever get any real coverage of any kind. Most importantly thank you for being my friend. I am proud of the things you were able to accomplish with the site such as original stories, yearbooks and biographies. And most of all lately, I am so proud of the weight loss. You have shown me that with desire and passion you can reach anything in life.

My routine is forever changed and another of life’s guilty pleasures is gone. Goodbye RRO. You will be missed.

Oh and one last thing “BT.” Let me tell you what’s wrong with the wrestling business . . . there is no more RRO!