Thursday, May 19, 2011

Psycho Talks RRO

----Psycho sent in the following.  Thanks Donald!!
What can be said about RRO and Brian Tramel that hasn't already been said??The answer is very little but at the same time quite alot.

In general people like BT when he puts them over on the site and hate him when he is critical of them and their performance...but then there are a still a few among us that good or bad view BT and RRO for what they are and what they mean to local Indy wrestling in this area.
BT, whether you are his friend or someone he doesn't really care for has always told it how it is (unless your Ken Wayne and NEW...but he has eventually seen the light and taken those blinders off, good job BT) and in doing so he has had to endure so much whining and criticism from the people that can't handle that truth. I haven't always seen eye to eye or shared his views and that has lead to many conversations with my good friend that I will always remember.
The RRO website is basically BT's bastard child with this business we all love to hate. As those in the business know all too well once you are bitten by the bug it's usually with you for life and can be all consuming for some and for others just a mere hobby.
BT took his love of the business full circle with RRO from taking pics and writing for the dirtsheets to a short lived wrestling career (BT Express), to a more successful career as Coach BT In a managing role, onto jointly owning and operating CCW with a small group of friends and fellow workers that while short lived produced several good shows and utilized talent that was not always recognized by other promotions to finally starting RRO.

RRO started as a simple concept but grew to be so much more. It gave workers around this area a spotlight they would never probably have gotten otherwise, and the same goes for promotions. There are countless "workers" that would have never been seen outside of the promotion that they work for and in some cases they probably should not have been lol.
To make a long story a lil bit shorter RRO has made what we do actually feel like it matters. The site gives each of us a chance to appear to be the superstars we glorify ourselves to be in our own minds. To those that say BT and his site don't matter...well you can lie to yourself all day long but we all know the truth. We all at some point have tried a Lil harder just because BT was at the show, we have all waited to see what his opinion is, we have all worked a show that we are proud of and look forward to BT putting it over or hoping he doesn't slander it. Lol and I'm sure we have also been guilty of waiting for BT to say the things we don't wanna publicly say about people or events but we mention to him so he can take the heat lol.

The truth is that BT and RRO do matter....and will be missed. It may sound like he's dying along with the site and to be honest that's partially true, because I guess you could say Coach BT will be gone right along with his site. I do however wish Brian Tramel well in his book and all future actions but hopefully BT will pop up from time to time for a visit with the boys lol.