Tuesday, May 03, 2011

RassleResults: EWE 4.30.11

----Results from Saturday night.

General Manager Scotty Choice began the show with the announcement that EWE Mayhem will take place at the Ripley, TN Middle School (Lauderdale Middle School) on May 21st and begins to leave when former EWE Champion comes out and says he doesnt want to wait for his title match in the Main Event, he wants it now. Scotty Choice lets Oz know that C-Money did not come to the Arena that night and that he left a message with Choice's office that says since he doesn't have to defend his belt for 30 days, he will appear when he wants. Before Choice can continue, Tim Edwards comes out and says that he wants Oz's #1 Contendership, that he can beat him any night of the week. Choice asks Oz if he wants the match and Oz agrees. Before the referee can make it out, Oz and Edwards go at it as the bell rings.

Match #1 | #1 Contendership Match

Oz def. Tim Edwards with the Slice Bread #2 to retain his contendership

Scotty Choice then calls Oz over to the table and tells him that the math adds up and that C-Money's 30 days ends at Mayhem and Oz will get his title shot one way or another.

Match #2 | Return Match

Bishop def. Houston


Match #3

Blaine Devine def. Big Red after Seth Knight's music distracted Big Red long enough for Blane to get the roll up on the big man after Red had dominated most of the match.

Scotty Choice, the ever busy GM, comes back out to have Naughty By Nature come out and asks them why they turned on the fans and turned on Steel and Tucker, they stated the the Board of Directors sent them away on EWE business and decided to hold the One Night Tag Team Championship Tournament in their absense. They said they should be the champions because they are the best in the world. Brian Steele and Ike Tucker come out and tell nXn that if they want the shot, they got it. Scotty Choice stops this from happening at the beginning when he announces that he talked with Brian Steele's doctors and know that his doctors won't clear him with the rib injury. Ike says he can take on nXn alone if need be.

Match #4 | EWE Tag Team Championship

nXn def. R and B for the tag team championship after Brian came out to help Ike, was tagged into the match, but received a bat shot to his ribs by Pokerface. They continued to beat down R and B until Scotty Choice had the referees force them from the ring and then to the back.


Before the main event, the pissed off and angry General Manager came back out and called out nXn. They were stopped at the entry way by security and Scotty Choice asked them questions if they thought they were really the best team in EWE, that no team in the EWE can beat them. They agreed and Scotty Choice let them know that at EWE Mayhem they would defend the titles against the former WWE Tag Team Champions the New Age Outlaws, former DX stars Road Dogg Jesse James and Bad Ass Billy Gunn. nXn were then taken to the back, but Scotty stopped them one more time and let them know that Ike Tucker would be the special guest referee.

Main Event

Brad Badd def. Chris Rocker after Rocker was first distracted by the lights going out and a video on the EWE Screen that stated that they came for Oz last week, costing him his title, then stated they were coming for Chris Rocker. The lights came back on to show the man in black in the ring again, but Rocker was ready and attacked him. The lights go out again and the Anarchy logo appears and states "21 Days and Counting". The lights come back on and now there is another man in black who hits the RKO just like last week to Oz. The lights go out and then come to show Brad Badd covering Rocker and the referee counts. ..............There was 98 pd and 125 in the Building