Monday, May 09, 2011

RassleResults: EWE 5.07.11

----Results from Saturday night.

EWE Wrestling began with Rick Marx making the announcement that he is acting General Manager for the evening as no one has been able to reach Scotty Choice and hope to have more information on it. He calls out C-Money to explain his possible affiliation with the group that has come in for two weeks jumping EWE Superstars, costing Oz his championship and Rocker his match

C-Money makes his way out and states that he is the EWE Champion and does not have to explain anything to anyone. The lights go dark and a new video airs on the EWETron, stating that they got Oz, they got Rocker, now they are "Coming for the Money". After a few moments, the lights come back on and nothing happens. C-Money leaves the ring as does Rick to start the first match, leaving the crowd wondering what is going to happen tonight.

Match #1 - Non-Title
Naughty By Nature def. Seth Knight and Shawn Walker after Pokerface used the bat on Shawn Walker without the referee's knowledge. They build more momentum towards their match with the New Age Outlaws come EWE Mayhem on May 21st!

Match #2
Houston defs. Tim Edwards after moving out of the way Tim's offense and catching him with a roll up for the win. Most of the match went towards Tim Edwards until Houston pulled off the miracle win!


Match #3 | Grudge Match
Bishop def. Houston after the debuting Angelina distracted the referee long enough for Bishop to use his big chain on Houston's head. After the match, they beat him down, Bishop using a leather strap on Houston!


Match #4 | 2 out of 3 Falls Match
Chris Rocker and Oz Vs Brad Badd and C-Money

Fall #1: Brad Badd used the ropes for leverage as he rolled up Oz for the first fall win.

Fall #2: Chris Rocker hits the "Rockin Destroyer" on C-Money to pick up the second win to keep his team alive.

Fall #3: The final fall of the contest was thrown out as all four men battled all over the arena and the referee lost control. After they made back into the ring, the video from the beginning of the show plays with it looking like the target is C-Money, but again no one came. C-Money and Brad Badd left the ring jsut in case, leaving Rocker and Oz down on the mat to end the show. 

40 Crowd - 118 Paid