Sunday, May 01, 2011

RassleResults: USWO/ATL Nashville, TN 4.29.11

----Friday night at the Stadium Inn.
57 attended
ATL Jr. Champion Nick Iggy beat Kid Dynamite in 6:00 with a backslide
Pumbah beat Toxic in 3:00 with the pounce
USWO Music City Champion Panther beat LT Falk in 8:00 with a front rollup
ATL Champion Drew Haskins (w/Devious G) beat Shane Smalls in 10:00 with a spike slam
ATL Tag Team Champions Nick Iggy & Jamey Farrari beat Saint & Tim Renesto in 9:00 when Farrari pinned Renesto
Steve-O vs Damien Payne ended in 11:00 with a double pin
Chris Michaels beat Bryan Casey (w/Devious G) by countout in 7:00 when Devious G pulled Casey from the ring and left
Shane Smalls won a "Downtown Dispute" match in 9:00 that began with a battle royal then ended with a 3-way match where he pinned Payne