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Showtime All-Star Wresting TV Review - Episode 168

----Larry Goodman's report.

Showtime All-Star Wrestling – Episode 168
Airing April 30, 2011 on the America One Network
Taped March 26, 2011 at the Stadium Inn in Nashville, TN

SAW airs on America One at 10pm Fridays with a replay at 3pm Sunday with an internet stream at 

Last Week on SAW…Rick Santel announced the formation of “The Rudy Fund” in response to the suspension without pay levied against Rudy Charles…Jeff “The Crippler” Daniels was down with Chris Michaels’ proposal to go after the SAW Tag Titles held by Picture Perfect…But their best laid plans went to hell in a hand basket when Michaels accidentally drilled Daniels with a superkick.

At long last, matchmaker Reno Riggins rejoined Michael Graham for the traditional ringside stand up opening. Riggins hyped the SAW debut of Big Daddy V at the next TV taping (Graham later revealed that Rosey would also debut). Tonight’s main event: one of those teacher/student deals – Derrick King vs. Cody Melton.   

1 – DAVID YOUNG (with Paul Adams) vs. MATT RIVIERA

Young was so overheated in that ridiculous superhero outfit that Adams was toweling the sweat off his bald head before the match even got underway. Riviera stomped Young’s foot. Young  bailed out and complained to Adams. Back inside, Young went the shortcut route to get the upper hand. Riviera easily powered out of a waistlock to start his comeback, and Young’s eyes got big.  Riviera used a knee lift for a near fall off a telegraphed a backdrop. Moments later, Young crushed Riviera with his signature spinebuster for the pin.  

WINNER: Young in 4:30.

Next – a commercial for “The Rudy Fund”. This featured stills of an unshaven Charles wearing a variety of sad, pathetic facial expressionis. Paul Adams did the voiceover.

Yes, that’s right fans. The oppressive treatment of the A-Team continues. Now left without a way to feed gerbil, goldfish, wife or 13 kids, Rudy needs your help. For the price of a Coke or a smoke, you can keep alive Rudy’s hungry eyes. Please log on to and hit the donate button. Please donate now to The Rudy Fund.

Graham announced the return of Leah Hulan and Grumpy’s Bail Bonds as sponsors – “You ring they spring”  - now available in Nashville and Davidson County! 

Leah’s featured bail jumper was none other than Adams. This was accompanied by a mugshot of Adams at his seediest. Hulan described Adams as having a weasel face, rat-like mannerisms, skinny arms, skinny legs and a bit of a pot belly. She said Adams was wanted for promotion prostitution (the Stadium Inn incident seen on SAW TV last year). Leah said they could do it the easy way or the hard way.  

The SAW cameras caught up with “King” Shane Williams as he was leaving the Court South Spinning Center. Williams admitted that he hadn’t gotten back to the office or responded to texts from Arrick Andrews. “I’m a busy, busy king these days.” Williams said he had tried to get it through Andrews’ hard head that he was out to end his career. Williams said he had big, important match coming up at Wrestlemania. “I’m wrestling you, Michael Cole. I know Steve Austin is going to be the special referee, and I know Jack Swagger is training you, but you haven’t been training as hard as me.” Williams clamed he just burned 5000 calories in his spin class. Williams said Andrews hadn’t seen a gym in 3 years. “And when I get done with Wrestlemania, then Arrick Andrews, THEN Arrick Andrews, you’ll get your chance with The King.” 

Graham put the Adams most wanted segment over huge. Graham said it was so good to see them…her… again and couldn’t wait for the next update.

Graham announced the rescheduled “Wrestling & Racing” at the US43 Dragstrip in Ethridge, TN for May 6 with SAW International Heavyweight Champion Phil "Gunner" Shatter vs. Tommy "Crimson" Mercer; Tracy Taylor, David Young, Cody Melton, "Sexy" Sean Casey, Derrick King, Micah Taylor, Jeff "The Crippler" Daniels, Sigmon, and Jocephus.

2 – ARRICK “The Dragon” ANDREWS vs. SIGMON

Andrews dominated with chain wrestling, until Sigmon stunned him with a cheap shot on the break. Sigmon scored a knockdown with a hard Irish whip and covered for a two count as they went to the commercial break. As Sigmon slowed things down by keeping Andrews on the mat, Graham announced Daniels vs. Hammerjack in a falls count anywhere for next week’s show. Andrews hit a jawbreaker and it was both men down. Sigmon bumped big for Andrews’ comeback, before using a shot to the midsection to take the wind out of his sails. But Sigmon missed badly on a mad charge into the corner, and Andrews hit the Wham Bam Thank You Ma’am for the pin. The finishing move looked devastating.   

WINNER: Andrews in 6:25.

Andrews said Williams wouldn’t be able to hide for long. “You say you’re going to Wrestlemania? Well son, I just might have to take a trip to Atlanta.”

“Bond Girl” Leah and “Bail Girl” Laila were back with this week’s shoot Bail Jumper of the Week, Levar Five Daly, an a drug dealer from Pulaski who is accompanied by his co-signer and lovely wife, Courtney Snow White. The Grumpy’s team had tailed White to a rendezvous with Daly at a motel in Decatur, Al, but the scoundrel managed to get away. “Stop the insanity and turn yourself in….Be a man, Levar.”

Cody Melton.was interviewed about his match with King. Melton said that inside the ring, King taught him a lot thing that he able to use to advantage, but outside the ring, King had him doing things like scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush, washing his limos and taking care of Sista O’Feelyah’s weaves. Melton said he would use everything King taught him against him.

King said Melton was a night off for him. “I created you. You were nothing, absolutely nothing without me. I’m Derrick King, CEO, the man who rules the world, good friend with Barrack Obama. Maybe I should apologize for, you know, the toothbrush thing, the rims, but then again, you didn’t even do a good job on that.” King said we were about to see the first installment of “The Amazing Feats of Johnny Bandanna”.

Cut to King, O’Feelyah and Bandanna on the lawn of the Tennessee State Capitol. King explained that Bandanna was a hopeless loser, but since he was still part of Derrick King Enterprises, King had to come up with a way to make money with him. King proposed to put Bandanna inside two plastic trash barrels held together by duct tape and roll him down this big ass hill. Bandanna didn’t trust the tape. King said it was the same type McGyver used. Bandanna said he didn’t have insurance. King said DKE had it covered. “Obama signed off on this by the way.” King gave Bandanna a handheld camera for the ride. Bandanna got excited about the camera. After King and his cronies did a horribly half-assed job of taping the barrels together, they laid Bandanna on his side and shoved him down the hill. The barrels immediately started to separate. They wouldn’t roll, so Bandanna had to roll himself down the hill. He went maybe 30 yards before the whole thing came completely apart. They cut to Bandanna lying on the ground groaning. While O’Feelyah went for the medical kit, King tried to reassure Bandanna. Bandanna said he couldn’t feel his toes. King said this was entertainment. Bandanna said it was stupid. King said it was great. Bandanna said, “It was great for you guys.”

3 –  DERRICK KING (with Sista O’Feelyah) vs. CODY MELTON

Joined in progress. The pattern unfolded as King resorting to skullduggery, Melton would answer with a fiery burst of offense, and King would take a powder. King blocked a tornado DDT. Melton then tried for a monkey flip, but King seated him on the top turnbuckle and cracked him across the face with a wickedly stiff slap. Melton crashed to the mat. They cut to a close up of glassy-eyed Melton. Graham said he might be knocked out. King tossed Melton out to the concrete floor. Melton wasn’t able to break his fall and landed on his shoulder. Ref Kurt Herron went out to check on him. Graham referenced the new concussion rules in pro sports. King finally tossed Melton back into the ring and covered him. Melton kicked out on instinct alone. Melton’s face was etched in pain. King pulled Melton up and worked him over, until he collapsed to the mat in the corner. Melton was in sheer agony as he got to his feet and walked into a superkick. King covered and Melton kicked out again. Graham talked about Melton’s incredible show of heart. King finally put Melton out of his misery with an X Factor.

WINNER: King in 12:15.

Afterthoughts: What had been an episode dominated by zany comedy took a brutally serious turn in the last five minutes of the hour. Melton was knocked out legit by King’s slap and suffered a separated shoulder being tossed out of the ring. He was out of the ring for approximately a month afterward. It wasn’t a pleasant to watch, but it was compelling as hell in the manner of a car wreck. Melton’s display of guts in finishing the match was phenomenal. There would have been no shame in quitting under the circumstances. Graham did an awesome job of getting across the seriousness of the situation, such that the match elevated Melton’s standing…There wasn’t much to Young/Riviera beyond the comedy value in Young’s get up. Riviera looked worse than last week. His forearm shot looked like crap and he has trouble properly running the ropes…Andrews
…Andrews and Sigmon had a good match – some nice chain wrestling and Andrew’s finisher looked great…The best of the comedy segments was the Rudy Fund commercial. The still shots worked much better than video. Between Charles’ pitiful facial expressions and Adams’ verbiage delivered in somber tones, it was hilarious…Shane Williams doing his Lawler schtick is always entertaining. His presence on the recent episodes has been sorely missed…The Grumpy’s segment featuring Adams was a clever idea although not all that funny. It would have made more sense to run it on an episode that Adams didn’t appear on. Like what’s the problem with tracking him down, Leah? Send you crack fugitive recovery team to the Stadium Inn. Maybe that’s on a future episode…Bandanna’s amazing feat was one of those deals that was more entertaining on paper than the reality of how it came across on TV. The funniest part was Bandanna propelling himself down the hill when the barrels fell apart…On the one hand, this show went overboard with comedy, but the jarring contrast of the closing minutes was made that much more impactful.      

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