Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stacy Adams Talks RRO!

----Stacy sent this in.  Thanks Stacy!

Wow, this is the end of an era.  I feel that I need to give my thoughts on website, so here it is…
I’m gonna be honest, I’m a little torn on how I feel about this.  As a fan, the website and Facebook is the only way for me to keep up with my favorite local guys.  I don’t attend the shows much anymore, so I only get my fix on wrestling through the internet.  However, one of the best friends I could’ve ever had is because of this site.  September 9, 2009 I submitted an email to Brian Tramel about a book I wanted to write with him.  I sent him an excerpt from my book and he loved the idea.  FYI, my book was going to be called, “Confessions of a Ring Rat.”  It was a “tell all” book about my life as a Ring Rat in this wrestling fiascothat I so dearly loved.  He immediately knew who I was just by the details of the workers and the descriptions of my attire.   The first time I met BT, we agreed to meet at a local show.  We hit off front the get go.  We talked on the phone every day.  We talked about the business, the book, his love life, my love life, and other random things.

Our relationship turned from possible business partners to best friends.  I spent countless hours on the phone, in tears about my ridiculous, mess of a life.  He listened and gave me advice.  He picked me up when I was in the lowest of valleys.  He always treated me with respect.  He never looked down on me because of my past and the things I did for the wrestling business.  After a year of working on this idea of writing a book, we both decided that we shouldn’t do it, at least not right now.  If it wasn’t for the site, I would not have toyed with the idea of writing this book.  I wouldn’t have learned about the business.  I wouldn’t have had tabs on my guys.  I wouldn’t have met Brian.  But I did. And meeting him changed my life.  

BT, I am so proud of your accomplishments.  You gave wrestling fans a look behind the curtain.  You gave the boys an opportunity to let their voices be heard.  You pretty much built the wrestling scene up in the small towns.  You spoke the truth, even when the truth wasn’t pretty.  Everyone always knew where they stood with you.  You created a site that was viewed 3.8 million times and counting.  You did this.  

The next passion in your life was creating the new BT.  You have transformed into someone that most people only dream of becoming.  You are such an inspiration.  The love you have for this new found life is extraordinary.   I can’t imagine my life without you.  You have made my world a better place and for that, I am forever grateful. 

Stacy Adams