Thursday, May 19, 2011

Trent talks RRO!

----Trent Van Drisse talks RRO.  Thanks Trent!!

So 'ol Tramel is throwing in the towel huh? Hey, I can relate. I don't think people in wrestling understand how much time and dedication it takes to "hide behind a keyboard". Rolls eyes....It really does though, I should know, been running my message board for many years now, can't even remember how many. BT and I were/are similar in a way, but very different in many ways too. We often disagreed on stuff, I think we see life quite differently, we were never really buddy buddy, but we always had good respect for each other I think. I really enjoyed his website from day 1, and like so many others, I'm going to miss it. I guess there was a hint BT was burning out when he let Gene Jackson run it for a bit, but even after that, something changed about it. So I wasn't expecting it to close at all, but I wasn't totally shocked when I read it was closing. 

Like I said, BT and I are very different. I never change anything, don't like change, BT took the initiative and changed the look, and way of doing things, on his website pretty often, especially in the earlier days. He was almost manic about it at times. Some of the changes annoyed me, because like I said, I don't like change, but I always admired his dedication and passion for it. 

The good thing for me running just a message board is I can post when I do have time, which isn't much these days. But still, when I have a report "due" in my mind, there is a pressure to it, knowing I have to get something done when I really don't feel like doing it, and don't have time to do it. That can be draining. The criticism of trying to be a person covering wrestling can be draining as well, but also can be wildly perversely entertaining. I have never failed to be amused by the stupidity, yes stupidity, of those who say guys like BT and I are "morons", or even worse, if we don't like their match or show, but we're suddenly brilliant, and great guys, if we do like their match or show. That is complete festering bs btw, we're the exact same guys either way. I think I can speak for BT on this as well, we do what we do because we love, and are even addicted, to pro wrestling. If we don't like something, we don't like it, it's an insult or whatever to what we love, so we take it as a slap. We don't go around with axes to grind about certain people, though naturally we're going to have our favorite performers and promotions. We will say we don't like matches of people we like, and say we like matches of people we don't like if we think that's the case. What more can be expected really? Are we perfect, shit no, but at least be rest assured you are getting our honest thoughts on things, and use it as a learning tool, which many in wrestling do. 

I do think Tramel is too close to his friends in wrestling, and comes off like he does favor them at times, but they probably are the best in that area, and like I said, he won't shy away from being hard on their performances. His objectivity could be called into play at times though, but mine has been questioned before as well, and I can honestly say I have always tried to be objective, but I have my favorites too of course. But, there's something to this, and I think this bit Tramel on the ass at times. If you're hanging out with wrestlers, and they're talking about what's coming up, or going and eating with them after a show and getting their slant on things, that totally changes a reporters perspective, and colors the report. Me, I'd actually rather just show up, not talk to anyone, report on the show, and just wonder what happened in the back. Yeah I'm curious, but I feel I can do a better report if I'm just reacting to what I'm seeing, and don't have someone who worked on the show words in my head, because of course in many cases, they have a self serving agenda. And yes we dumb wrestling message board/website owner guys know that. Just food for thought there. 

It amazes me to this day that now people in OVW, and before that people in Nashville, would "wait" for show reports to come out. Tramel had that same thing going, and Larry Goodman may be the Indy king in the south of it. To me it's always been a weird position to be in, but one I take seriously. People are going to read reviews of their performances, that is human nature. Anyhow, just thought I'd chime in with some thoughts here. Thanks Brian Tramel for the years of good information and entertainment. Your website will be missed no doubt, but somehow I see you still being around the scene in some capacity.