Wednesday, March 29, 2017


It’s Thursday and time for a new episode…..wait….lol...sorry guys, but I do not have a new episode this week. I was ready to record on Sunday, but was so sick. (and still am) I am going to provide the link to the main page of STS and you guys can go catch up if you have not listened to all the episodes. Episode #4 (Elgin) and Episode #5 (Blue Meanie) are the top two episodes to date. John McAdam (#8) has taken a slight lead over Jeff Bowdren (#6) in the last few weeks. Both of those episodes are good if you have not listened to them. Jason Jones (#7) got great reviews, but has not been listened to a lot. As always, you can subscribe at itunes. And you can add me to Twitter @comicbookmarkBT. SHARE THIS POST !!