Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Listen to all FIVE episodes of December & WIN!!

You have to listen to all FIVE episodes to get the SPECIAL words to win the special contest for this month. We are giving away masks, lunchboxes, t shirts and more. Here are the links to all 5 episodes. 

#1: Listen as BT gives away the special word.

Episode 73 click here as Lance & BT count down the top 10 Cool Kids Countdown shows

#2: Gene says that Neil was booking a show where? (ripley)

Episode 74 click here as Gene talks about Carlito & Wrestlecade!

#3: Listen as BT gives away the special word in the second segment of the show.

Episode 75 click here to listen as Brian Thompson & Lance LeVine talk about 2017

 #4: On this episode, please tell us what year did Danny Adams start to train??

Episode 76 click here as Danny Adams talks Glory Pro !

 #5: What year did when I ask the question to TGB about The Santa Clause did I say the movie was released?

Episode 77 click here for Best Shizniter EVER Championship !!