Tuesday, April 30, 2019

CHOKEHOLD: THE PODCAST Ep2: Warrior Wrestling's promoter Steve Tortorello

It’s time for the new episode of “Chokehold: The Podcast” Ep 2 as part of the STS brand! Host Lance LeVine sits down with the guy behind Chicago’s Warrior Wrestling, Steve Tortorello, for Episode 212. Steve & Lance talk about being a fan, Catholic school principal, how they promote as a fundraiser, family friendly, the crowd sizes, bringing in big names, booking the show, Frank The Clown, Brian Cage, Tessa Blanchard, Jordynne Grace, other titles?, how they sell merch, Austin Aries, Penta & Fenix, Sami Callihan, Rey Mysterio, Jeff Cobb, David Arquette and much more! Sponsored by @SpunkLube and bluechew.com (Promo code: STS). Thanks to @Mysteriousfmxx for spunklube theme. Also sponsored by American Hostile Championship Wrestling for “Mayhem in the Bluff” on May 11, 2019. Listen on the podcast app that pays: PODCOIN.