Friday, January 10, 2020

NEW STS!! STS POD DYN-O-MITE Ep 12 1.08.20, Episode 292!!

It’s time for a “special editon” of STS POD --- DYN-O-MITE!! Episode #292! David Owens joins BT to review the AEW show with a LIVE point of view ! Dave & BT talk about pre show activities, the Memphis Legends segment, best thing about the show ?, worst thing about the show?, MVP?, What do you want to see for the next show?, THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN? and more ! Sponsored by @SpunkLube and (Promo code: STS). Have you used the UBER Eats app? If not, you can download it & get $7 off your first order by using this code: eats-briant24790ue